Have you been dreaming of becoming the next Thomas Edison, credited for the first industrial research laboratory? Have you been experimenting with chemicals just like Nobel Prize awardee Marie Curie had been doing? Have you been putting stuff together akin to the Wright Brothers responsible for the airplanes? All these and more names that, at this very period, are still instrumental in contemporary living.

It is the new millennium, and the mentioned individuals have already rested in peace. You might even say that your desires and aspirations will just remain like that. Stop mourning over what you cannot do because the more pessimistic you become, the more hopeless the case will be. To lift that spirit, you can gain several invention ideas from trade show exhibition booths. Even with all the innovative technologies that are already out in the market. You can always do something new.

At INPEX, America’s biggest display of novel creations, you can gain a lot of invention ideas from trade show exhibition booths. A unique kind, companies can immediately avail of the license of a product that they are interested to purchase. On its 23rd year of 2006, coordinators of the event will be welcoming Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and Everlast Worldwide Incorporated. The two were able to join the previous year.
As mentioned, invention ideas from trade show exhibition booths can be obtained from INPEX. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a manufacturer of brands such as Bosch, Dremel, Skil, and RotoZip. It generates power accessories where you will be able to witness the latest machinery devices. Everlast Worldwide Incorporated is a dealer of sports apparel. At the event, you will not just have a glimpse of their hottest fitness merchandise.

INPEX is not only a venue where invention ideas from trade show exhibition booths can be taken. It is also a forum where it allows attendees to personally interact with the brainchildren themselves. It would be wise that you get ready with your pen and paper so you can take note of their contacts. Get in touch with them, and who knows, it might just be the first step for your imaginations to get fulfilled.

The next event will be held in Pittsburgh Expo Mart at Monroeville, Pennsylvania, on June 6- 9, 2007. For further information, call their telephone number at 412-288-1343 or send a fax at 412-288-4546. You can also visit their central office at 217 9th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or log on to their website at www.inventionshow.com.